March 7, 2020 package bee update.

Opposite of 2019, the start of 2020’s bee games has proceeded on schedule.
Hives in Almond Orchard
Almond bloom came to an end in the past few weeks, and queen rearing has started. Dry and hot weather in Northern California created pristine weather for the grafting. This has resulted in a high percentage of successful grafts. Mating nucs are currently being placed in various yards after they have been filled with nurse bees and a queen cell. The first queens of 2020 should be hatching in the next week, and mating flights beginning 7-10 days after. The extended forecast for the area is fairly dry, which will create optimum mating flight weather for the queens. Barring any major changes, things look great in California for 2020 bee package production.

If you haven’t ordered your bees yet, visit the store before it is too late. Italian, Carniolan, and pure Russian queens available in 4lb packages.

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